How to Add Sizes on Shopify: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you having trouble adding sizes to your Shopify store? You’re not alone. Many online merchants struggle with how to add size variants when setting up their Shopify stores. But don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be complicated. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on How to Add Sizes on Shopify for maximum shopping cart potential and customer satisfaction. So let’s get started!

Benefits of setting up size options in your Shopify store

Offering Shopify image size options for customers in your Shopify store is a great way to keep customers engaged and increase sales. By setting up size options, customers can easily find items that fit them perfectly, encouraging return visits to your store and loyal customers.

Additionally, providing different Shopify size chart pop-ups can save you time when packing up orders. The ability to quickly sort an order according to the customer’s size needs reduces their wait time and reflects positively on your brand name. 

Giving buyers the size options they need ultimately increases customer satisfaction and builds trust with your brand – both critical for businesses seeking long-term success.


Step-by-step guide on how to add sizes on Shopify

Here are a couple of different ways to add sizes to Shopify. Select the one that best fits your shop –

Add Sizes or Variants for Brand New Products 

 Step 1: Add a brand-new product

Now that you’ve opened your Shopify page, it’s time to add a Shopify image size guide for that new product you’ve been dreaming about. First, navigate to the “Products” section, Click on All products and look for the corner to the right.

Navigate to the "Products" Section
Navigate to the “Products” Section

A single click of the “Add Product” button will jumpstart you toward finally having this item in your store.

Click "Add Product" button
Click the “Add Product” button

Step 2: Add variants.

Once you’ve added all the basic details to your product, it’s time to make your products even more desirable by creating variants.

You can do this on the Add Product page under Variants – click “small box” on the left of the line to indicate that “This product has options, like size or color“.

This tool allows customers to select from various variants when purchasing from you, making their shopping experience more rewarding and customized.

Click "the small box" on the left
Click “the small box” on the left

Step 3: Enter the Option name.

After clicking the “Add another option” button on your product configuration page, you’ll be invited to enter an option name.

The default will be Size, but depending on the particular product you are creating, you may select other existing options such as Color, Material, or Style.

Step 4: Enter Option values.

The fourth step involves adding sizes or variants to a brand new product, and you can easily input relevant option values. For example, if “Material” is the option name, you can quickly add a few basic options such as “Cotton” or “Leather,” into the box provided.

This makes it convenient for customers to choose when purchasing a product with varied sizes and variants available.

Click Add another option
Click “Add another option”

Step 5: Create another variant option.

Select the “Add another optionoption if there are multiple choices. After that, create a new one by following the directions indicated above. Remember that you can enter a maximum of three options in this field.

Step 6: Manage variant options.

Adding Shopify image size guides or variants to brand-new products can provide value to your customers by offering a more comprehensive range of options.

Managing these variant options in your store is an important step as it allows you to uncheck items you no longer wish to sell and make changes to the price, SKU, and barcode of each item if desired.

In addition, this careful management allows for more control over pricing, stock amounts, and more in your store, enabling customers to find what they need quickly.

Step 7: Save variants

Manage Variants and Save your work
Manage Variants and Save your work

Click the Save button to save all your work.

Add Sizes or Variants for Existing Products 

Step 1: Select an existing product in your Shopify Admin

If you want to add some variation to an existing product in your Shopify store, the first step is to log in and navigate to the Products section.

Select an existing product in your Shopify Admin
Select an existing product in your Shopify Admin

Here you can select the desired product for which you’d like to add variants, such as sizes or colors. It’s a simple process: click on the product and then go ahead and make all the necessary changes.

Step 2: Select Add variant under the Variant section.

Then, select “This product has options, like size or color”. and click “Add another option” The option’s name will be changed to Size. You modify them, nevertheless, to meet your requirements.

Add Variant on Existing Products
Add Variant on Existing Products

Step 3: Enter Option values

You can enter various values into the Option values field in the Option values, such as Black or Brown. Commas must separate these values.

Step 4: Include still another alternative.

Choose If you have other versions, add another option to provide more choices.

Step 5: Manage variant options in step six.

Manage the Variant options on shopify store
Manage the Variant options

Manage the variant options in your store by unchecking the ones you don’t want to sell any longer. Additionally, you are able to modify the price, the SKU, and the barcode in this part.

Step 6: Click Save

Finally, it’s time to click “Save” to save all your work.

 click "Save"
Click “Save”

Add Variants Using the Duplicating Method

Step 1: Access the section for all products.

Go to Products and the All products area after opening your Shopify admin.

Step 2: Decide which product name to change.

Next, decide on the name of the product you want for a different variation.

Step 3: View every variant’s detail

After seeing a version’s details in the Variants section, move on to the Duplicate variants section by scrolling down.

View every variant's detail
View every variant’s detail

Step 4: Modify the Option value for how to add sizes on shopify products.

Modify the Option value
Modify the Option value

The next step is to alter at least one option value to produce a distinct version. Following that, you can add a brand-new option value or one already used for the product variants.

Step 5: Click the “save” button

Save the settings. 

Click the "save" button
Click the “save” button

Tips for maximizing shopping cart potential with the right sizing options

To maximize your shopping cart potential, provide customers with detailed product measurements for clothing, accessories, and other goods so they can make more informed purchasing decisions. 

Store owners should add a size chart and measure their inventory carefully and consistently with standardized metrics. It helps ensure customers can accurately get what they need in the right Size. 

Additionally, adding custom Plus-size items or custom sizing is essential for stores that want to appeal to a broader customer base. By giving shoppers these options, retailers show understanding and dedication to ensuring everyone feels comfortable using their product. 

Finally, providing detailed measurement charts and guidance on how customers find the right fit can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience, leading to more conversions and sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Shopify’s “Size chart” mean?

There are two types of sizing charts available on the Shopify platform: those displayed in an “Add size chart” form and those added to the product page.

What is a “standard size chart”?

A standard size chart is the right image dimensions written representation of your brand’s size range. The four key measures on your public size chart are typically bust, waist, hips, and height.

How is a size chart formed?

Start by generating a list of measures from rival businesses whose ideal customers share your body type, who have positive comments about their sizing, and who are your competitors.

Wrap Up – Recap and Final Thoughts

Adding sizes on Shopify is essential to providing a positive customer experience. Taking the time to create individual sizing options improves the accuracy of orders, increases customer satisfaction, and creates a smooth ordering process. Going through this process may seem tedious now, but it will save you time and energy in the long run. 

By anticipating user needs and addressing common issues beforehand, you can make sure each purchase goes off without a hitch. So, Setting up sizes on Shopify can give customers the best shopping experience possible—and isn’t that what we all want?

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