How to Import Reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wished you could get real customer reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify? If yes, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into how to import reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify.

From understanding the different types of reviews available to setting up automatic imports and creating custom imported fields – we cover it all. So buckle up because, by the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly how to import reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify successfully!


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Why Import Reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify?

Importing reviews from AliExpress to Shopify offers several benefits for your e-commerce store:

Enhanced Credibility

Positive reviews build trust among potential customers. By importing reviews from AliExpress, you can display reviews from previous buyers, increasing the credibility of your products.

Social Proof

Customer reviews serve as social proof, demonstrating that others have purchased and enjoyed your products. The display reviews option can influence hesitant buyers to make a purchase, boosting conversion rates.

SEO and User Engagement

User-generated content, such as reviews, can improve your website’s SEO ranking. Additionally, customer reviews provide valuable content that keeps visitors engaged and on your site for longer periods.

Product Insights

Reviews offer insights into your products’ strengths and areas for improvement. This information can guide your marketing strategies and product development efforts.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Analyzing reviews can help you identify complementary products or accessories that customers often mention. This information can be used for effective cross-selling and upselling.

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How to Import Reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify: Steps

How to Import Reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify

You can use third-party apps or manual methods to achieve this. Here’s a general guide on how to  import reviews from AliExpress to Shopify store:

Get the Opinew Shopify Reviews Importer Chrome Extension

Purchase an AliExpress review importer extension first, then import reviews into Shopify using that extension. You have a couple of popular choices:

  1. Ali Reviews Extension: Download the Ali Reviews Chrome extension, a browser extension tool specifically tailored for importing AliExpress reviews to your Shopify store.
  2. Opinew Shopify Reviews Importer Extension: Alternatively, you can opt for the Opinew extension, which facilitates the seamless transfer of AliExpress reviews into your Shopify store.

Activate the Extension

Activate Extension

Once you’ve chosen the extension that suits your needs, ensure it’s properly installed and activated on your Google Chrome browser. You can usually find installation instructions on the respective browser extension’s website.

Import the Reviews

How to Import Reviews through Oberlo Dropshipping App

In this phase, the process varies based on the dropshipping Shopify app you’re using. Here are the detailed steps how to import reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify with Oberlo:

  1. Go to your Oberlo dashboard and select “My Products.”
  2. Within this section, you’ll notice an “Import Reviews” button positioned next to each product.
  3. Click the “Import Reviews” button for the desired product.
  4. Define your import criteria, if prompted, and then proceed.
  5. Wait for the AliExpress reviews to be imported. This usually takes around 1 minute.

How to Import Reviews through Importify Dropshipping App

During this stage, it’s crucial to pay close attention to your specific dropshipping Shopify app, as each app’s process may differ. If you’re using Importify aliexpress review importer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Importify app.
  2. Navigate to the “Import List” section, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of your products.
  3. Observe that each individual product now features its unique “Import Reviews” button.
  4. Carefully select your desired filtering preferences for the reviews.
  5. Proceed to initiate the import process.
  6. Within a short span of time, your chosen Amazon or AliExpress product reviews will seamlessly integrate into your dropshipping store.

How to Import Aliexpress Reviews from the Website to Your Shopify Store

Importing reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, and other websites is a valuable strategy. To initiate this process, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Product Page: Begin by visiting the respective product page on either Amazon or AliExpress.
  2. Activate Opinew Chrome Extension: In the upper-right corner of your browser, you’ll find the Opinew Chrome extension button. Click on it to access the import options.
  3. Initiate Import: Within the Opinew Chrome extension interface, you’ll spot an import button. Give it a click, triggering the review import process.
  4. Review Import: After clicking the import button, you’ll observe the reviews being seamlessly imported into your Shopify store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations or considerations when importing reviews from AliExpress to Shopify?

When importing reviews from AliExpress, it’s important to consider the credibility and relevance of the reviews. Some reviews on AliExpress may be generic or low-quality. Additionally, ensure that the imported reviews comply with your store’s guidelines and policies.

Can I customize the imported reviews on my Shopify store?

Yes, most aliexpress review importer apps for Shopify allow you to customize the appearance and display of the imported reviews. You can usually choose the review layout, design, and where they appear on your product pages.

Will imported reviews from AliExpress be automatically updated?

Many review import apps offer automated review updates. This means that if the AliExpress product receives new reviews, the imported reviews on your Shopify store will be updated accordingly. However, it’s essential to check the features and settings of the specific app you choose.

Are there any costs associated with importing reviews from AliExpress to Shopify?

Some apps for importing reviews may have a free plan or trial period, while others may require a subscription or one-time payment. The pricing and features vary among different apps, so it’s advisable to explore the options available in the Shopify app store.

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Importing reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify is an excellent way to quickly build up your store’s credibility. With the vast range of products available on Aliexpress, you can select items that suit your niche and quickly import aliexpress reviews to give your site the trust factor it needs to close a sale. 

You’ll enjoy a competitive advantage and can leverage social proof to increase sales. However, it’s crucial to verify that the reviews you’re importing are reputable and genuine, as fake reviews can tarnish your reputation.

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